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City Group Manager Spotted In Glasgow Airport Has Celtic Fans Talking

The search is well underway for Celtic to replace manager Ange Postecoglou after he recently left for Spurs.

There is already about 15 managers named as contenders for the job, with odds and favourites changing multiple times per day.

But one interesting piece of news to bring you today is that there has been a manager from one of the clubs within the City Football Group that has been spotted at Glasgow airport today.

His name is Des Buckingham, and he is currently the manager of Mumbai City in the Indian Super League and is only 38 years old.

Now, what’s interesting about Buckingham’s coaching career so far, is his history of jumping between assistant manager, to manager and then moving on to another club to be assistant manager there and then stepping up to be manager again.

He seems to be very comfortable going back and forth between being the main man and being an assistant.

So, Buckingham being spotted in Glasgow could be looked at in several different ways.

Firstly, he could be in Glasgow for any reason not related to Celtic.

Secondly, he could be a contender for our managerial position, but I find that very unlikely.

Thirdly, he could be up to interview for a vacant coaching role at Celtic, with it being believed that John Kennedy, Gavin Strachan and Harry Kewell will all be following Ange down to Spurs.

And finally, he could very well be in Glasgow because Celtic have indeed decided on going with Maresca, and Buckingham is going to be his assistant, which is probably the most believable story, along with him applying for one of the coach’s jobs.

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