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Celtic And Valerenga Fan Gives Lowdown On Incoming Signing As Medical Set

It is being reported today by Norwegian media that Celtic are set to complete the signing of 20 year old midfielder Odin Thiago Holm from Valerenga for £2.5m.

A medial has now been booked in for next week once the player returns from holiday.

There is a poster on the Celtic fans forum Kerrydale Street, ‘Jocke’, who is a supporter of both clubs and has watched Holm closely.

Here is his lowdown of the player below as Celtic supporters wonder what we can expect from the player.

As a Vålerenga, and Celtic fan, I’m of course intrigued by this potential move. Sad to see him go from “Enga”, but that has been expected for a while.

Great talent, and with a roof high potential, but very – very – inconsistent. That also apply within a single match, I still haven’t seen one 90 min performance that is rock solid, from start to end. At the some time, plenty of moments with individual brilliance with Messi-esque passes and driblings. Last season he was for most part on sensational form, and was considered by most to be an xtraordinary, exciting talent, and the leagues best export article.

Brattbakk got the most part right, except for the part about consistency then. He has been off form for a good while now, mostly down to a great misuse og him in current, honking Vålerenga team.

As mentioned from Harald he is first of all an attack-minded and skilled player, and don’t show the same attributes when he has to be far down the park. That seem to kill his confidence and energy, and this was clear for all, but the now released manager of Enga. See someone think of him as a defensive mid, but obviously not his best position. On the other hand he can be used as a winger also, and has played in that position in periods.

He is still young, and on form he is up there with Ødegaard in ability and skills. Also quite similar player type with ethos and aggression in his play, combined with a good technique.

So, it is going to be very exciting to see how it pans out in a new, beautiful jersey.

A change now will probably do him all good in the world, as he has been a shadow of himself the last few months.

Conclusive – The trade is a bargain, and the signing a no brainer, but be prepared for a roller coaster, and some patience is probably needed.

Great insight there and very exciting to hear comments such as “roof high potential” and “on form he is up there with Ødegaard in ability and skills”.

Inconsistency doesn’t worry me, especially at only 20 years of age, and let’s face it, if he was playing like Ødegaard consistently then he’d be off to Real Madrid and not Celtic.

But at only £2.5m, it is definitely worth the investment and let’s hope he can become a great player for us.

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