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Celtic Fans React As Angry Bears Turn On Each Other!

As Chris Sutton said after Celtic’s 1-0 victory over ‘Rangers’ this afternoon – “there are a lot of angry bears in here!” and he was absolutely right judging by the loud booing and the Sky videos of fans abusing their own players.

You can see that Sutton video here: Sutton Video: “A Lot Of Angry Bears In Here!” – Champions 67

And as the image in the thumbnail of this article shows, the angry bears even turned on each other at full time!

They truly are the absolute dregs of society.

Celtic fans having been laughing at the shameful scenes inside Ibrox at full-time on Twitter, check out some of the comments below:

Derek: Cocaine Bears 2

jamie bhoy: Even their own supporters aren’t safe there

Steve Hoops: Davie Martindale getting it tight in there

DC1888: Is specky on a leash?

Stephen M: A lot of angry bears

Gerry:Speccy V Baldy. Get your bets in…

Ian Thomson: Looks like Rangers need to ban the home fans rather than the away ones.

BRI: Gammon on gammon action, you can’t beat it.

John Hughes: Well at least there fighting amongst themselves. That’s Y there stereotypical Mutants

They really are Scotland’s shame.

Thank God they will not be representing the country in the Champions League again this season because we would probably see scenes like this after every match they got destroyed in.

Yet in saying that, this will no doubt not be the last we see of these types of scenes in this country from them, especially if Michael Beale remains in charge at Ibrox.

If he does, this is only the beginning.

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