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Ex-Ref Bobby Madden Turns Unlikely Celtic Ally As He Breaks Down Clear “Foul” On Lagerbielke

It’s the talking point of the game – Were ‘Rangers’ denied a perfectly good goal or was referee Don Robertson correct to change his mind after looking at the video evidence to deny Kemar Roofe’s goal for a foul on Lagerbielke by Dessers?

Watching it live, I thought Lagerbielke had made a mess of the situation and was pleasantly surprised that referee Don Robertson had been asked to go to the monitor to review the incident.

Watching it back on replay, I was convinced it was a clear foul and was pleasantly surprised once again that the ref overturned his original decision and chopped the goal off, because it would have been easy to allow it with 50k Ibrox fans bearing down on you and wanting the decision to go their way.

Kris Boyd was of course raging in the studio about it, but I thought James McFadden broke it down superbly, saying that as Dessers put his leg in between Lagerbielke to stop him kicking the ball and he ends up kicking Desser’s ankle and tripping up, by the letter of the law, that still counts as Dessers impeding him, so the goal was rightly chopped off.

And now, ex-referee and rumoured Ibrox fan Bobby Madden has turned unlikely Celtic ally post match and has broken down via his Instagram account that the referee was CORRECT to disallow the goal.

He wrote:

1.The defender is in control

2. The defenders action is to play the ball with his left foot

3. This is the important part. The attacker has not played the ball at this point and puts his foot in-between the defender and the ball. It’s a foul anywhere on the pitch, no matter what happens thereafter.

Had the attacker played the ball before the contact fine, but he was never in control or possession.

4. Live, like most people watching, I would never think foul. Naturally you think, “he has p*ssed about and been caught on the ball”.

But when you have VAR and all the angles you can’t allow a goal when you have that evidence.

Now, we all know what Bobby Madden was like as a referee, especially in this fixture – he gave Celtic nothing and constantly broke up our free flowing football with constant whistling for nothing fouls.

If even he is saying it was a clear foul in our favour, then you know it definitely was.

Check out the tweet below for an image breakdown.

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