You are currently viewing “Delicious”, “Beautiful” – The Stat From Celtic Goal That Is Set To Sicken Bears Even More!

“Delicious”, “Beautiful” – The Stat From Celtic Goal That Is Set To Sicken Bears Even More!

Celtic fans have quite rightly been enjoying the last 24-36 hours since our 1-0 win away to our bitter rivals at Ibrox on Sunday afternoon.

And we have been enjoying it even more because the bears have been in absolute meltdown!

They are absolute livid with their players, raging at Michael Beale and wanting him sacked while also going mental at the referee and VAR for chopping off their goal due to a clear and obvious foul on Celtic defender Lagerbielke.

And the news from Ibrox today is that they intend to write to the SFA to complain about the decision.

I’m hoping the SFA just email them a link to the IFAB rule book because that’s all they need to do! They are literally complaining about the referee applying the rules of the game!

And to make things even sweeter for Celtic fans and even more sickening for the poor bears, and unbelievable fact from the game has emerged that many supporters won’t have realised.

As @Tam_Selleck on Twitter posted tonight:

I just read a delicious point. Kyogo scored our goal in extra time. That extra time was added on for the VAR check.

Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

And Celtic fans on Twitter have been loving that little bit of info.

Check out some of the replies below:

Dublinbhoy: Beautiful

StevieF: Oh man that’s beautiful. Absolutely feckin beautiful!

Derek O’Neill: Marvellous!!!

Marco White: Winning in the manner we won is so much more satisfying than if we horsed them 6-0. The meltdown from that lot is just delicious.

Aloysius: delicious

And this reply below is just the icing on the cake!

d4vd: The home crowd also celebrated 3 goals but still managed to lose 1-0.

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  1. Davie

    I’m so surprised that VAR allowed Kyogo’s goal at ibrox.
    These are normally ruled out with Celtic player celebrated to much.
    Celtic player did not allow defender to catch up.
    Celtic player was smiling.
    Celtic player did not wait for fictionus foul.
    Celtic player had his shirt outside his shorts.
    Celtics players boots didn’t match.
    Celtic players were unsporting by keeping the ball.
    All of these are usually PENALTY RANGERS.
    Don’t refer to the foul as a goal, it was a foul to Celtic.
    100% as per rules foul.
    Nothing like this is supposed to happen at ibrox, so they are doing the kiddy tantrums.
    Grow up kiddies you are in a man’s world now.
    Hail Hail. ☘️

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