You are currently viewing “Offers Nothing!”, “He’s Pure Sh*te!” – Ibrox Fans Turn On Their Hero Raskin

“Offers Nothing!”, “He’s Pure Sh*te!” – Ibrox Fans Turn On Their Hero Raskin

The fallout at Ibrox continues after their 1-0 defeat to Celtic in front of 50k on their owns fans on Sunday afternoon to slip four points behind us in the league table after only four games played.

And it looks like the boo boys have set their sites on another target other than their hopeless manager Michael Beale, their former hero Nicolas Raskin.

It wasn’t so long after that these idiots wouldn’t shut up about him, about how good he was, about how much of a difference he would have made if he had played against Celtic in the League Cup Final.

They saw this guy play one domestic game and thought he was the next Andrea Pirlo.

Well, it turns out he is more like the next Harry Houdini, because yet again in another big game, he disappeared.

Just like their manager, after all their praise and over the top worshipping of him, they have now realised the guy is useless. A total flop.

This is the arrogant fool that as soon as he arrived in Scotland declared that ‘Rangers’ have far better players and are a far better team than Celtic, despite us being well clear of them in the league at the time.

He then said he plans to join Chelsea next! Well, perhaps they need an extra kitman, because he certainly will not get anywhere near their playing squad!

Check out some of the comments from a Follow Follow thread on Raskin from yesterday:

DornochBear: Why is he so rated ? Another pi*ss poor display.

Homelander: He genuinely offers us absolutely nothing in the middle of the park

Big-blue: Without question thee most overrated player at the club. I’ve no idea what type of midfielder he’s supposed to be and he’s been here since January.

LenzieLoyal: I thought we’d signed a flower in the dirt. Turns out he’s pure sh*te.

RFC56: He’s overrated. I keep seeing Beale isn’t playing him in his best position etc. so he’s not a 6 because he’s looked sh*te there. He’s also been sh*te when he’s plays as a no8. We’re running out of positions he’s supposed to be good at. For a midfielder his passing is rotten. All I keep seeing is excuses for him. A feeble midfielder.

Ramoan: Doesn’t matter where he plays. I’ve been saying it since he came. He just isn’t a good footballer. His passing, his awareness, his movement, are all no better than your average SPL jobber. Folk need to stop saying players are good just because others are saying it.

rossgers: Can’t pass the ball, can’t tackle, can’t track a run, can’t hold a position. Dreadful.

Sweet_Home_Alabama: Correct. However, I really don’t think the boy knows what his role is on the pitch. The Pitbull?? FFS seen more fight in my son’s guinea pig.

kirkiebluenose: He’s bang average and can’t pass a ball 5 yards

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    All these apparent superstars know that they will get signed by sevco on half decent money and are utter 💩 it happens a lot over at the hundome because the manager spouts garbage and the thick fans fall for it.

  2. Davie

    Only Butland passes the signing test.
    The rest are inferior to the players Beale did not want.

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