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“Utterly Clueless!” “Total Fraud!” – Beale On The Brink As “Inevitable” Claim Made

After yet another defeat to Celtic in our 1-0 victory at Ibrox yesterday, it appears that there is simply no way back for Michael Beale.

The supporters have all turned on him. Well, about 89% as the current polls stand that want him sacked. After only 4 league games into the season, that is very telling,

There wasn’t just one supporter that called into Clyde SSB after the match last night to tell them they “won’t be back at Ibrox until Beale is gone”, there were several!

Even the fan media have turned on him.

David Edgar from Heart & Hand said after the match:

“I think that that’s pretty much it now in the eyes of ‘Rangers’ fans when it comes to Michael Beale whether he will be able to turn it round.”

“I don’t think he will and I don’t think the crowd believes that he will either.”

“I think in any football club, once the crowd has decided “you’re not the man”, then it becomes incredibly difficult to win them back.”

“It’s very much a situation that we’ve seen before and we know how the movie ends.”

and the attacks on Beale only increased over on Follow Follow, with a “sack Beale” thread already close to 2000 replies from yesterday afternoon, and also a separate thread to discuss his successor, already at over 500 replies from yesterday.

Here are some of the comments below from the ‘sack Beale’ thread created by one of the admin of the forum as anger is palpable:

Lord Summerisle (Admin): No point delaying the inevitable.

madridista: Lost the support, almost no way back.

BigBadJohn: There’s no argument for keeping him now. Hasn’t won anything or achieved anything to have credit in the bank. We waited too long with Gio because of Europa run. Pull the trigger.

SDF: He’s done. Let’s not kid ourselves. No one to blame bar himself. He’s absolutely f*cked it.

Göteborg-Rangers: He’s utterly clueless. Get him out now.

Kit_: He’s done. I don’t want to hear this only 4 games in pish, he’s been here for a year and is tactically so much worse than Gio.

Williem2: Get the joker out

Gladstone: Total fraud. Callum Davidson would do a better job.

Cucumbear: That’s the first time I’ve ever booed the team. I’m disgusted at doing it but couldn’t help myself

Macky: Nobody can defend him now surely. Woefully out his depth and made to look like the amateur he is today.

SW1Bear: Sack him and the w*nkers who thought someone who had managed QPR for five minutes was a suitable candidate to be manager of Rangers. Can’t bear another psychobabble interview in that stupid Mockney accent.

GBOY: Get this Cockney Charlaten to phuck!!!!

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  1. Johnno

    Can the scum actually afford to get rid of the mouth.
    Wasn’t it him who claimed 10M had to be raised before the window shut?
    Already the signs of failure and allowing such a mouthy novice in having such a say within this so called rebuild.
    Surely the wage bill has also been increased, that was only been covered with more confetti.
    With someone doing such a wonderful job for the scum, then we should start a campaign for
    “Saving the moleman”

  2. John mcghee


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