You are currently viewing “Done Like A Kipper!”, “Headshot!” – Celtic Fan Clamps Lying Ibrox Fan With His Own Tweet!

“Done Like A Kipper!”, “Headshot!” – Celtic Fan Clamps Lying Ibrox Fan With His Own Tweet!

The outrage and meltdowns continue from ‘Rangers’ fans who are still totally confused that the referees would DARE apply the rules of the game to their detriment inside Ibrox.

This is a fan base who are so used to getting what they want that they actually cheered their own goal getting chopped off, because they are so conditioned to getting every decision in their favour, especially inside their own ground.

Just think about that for a second. Can you imagine how many years or being favoured and having the rules overlooked in your favour that you actually see the referee do the VAR sign with his hands, signal for a free-kick to Celtic, but yet, still think that the referee has allowed the goal?

Or are they not even paying attention to the referee’s signals? Do they just automatically assume that they will get the decision in their favour, because that’s just what happens inside Ibrox?

It’s absolutely crazy.

But, what is even more astonishing is their continued anger on social media and even from their former players and pundits on TV and in the media like Neil McCann.

He says he accepts the rules but doesn’t agree with them and doesn’t feel Dessers’s challenge on Lagerbielke was a foul and thinks the goal should have stood.

The mental and verbal gymnastics this lot are doing is absolutely incredible. “Yes, we know the rules but they shouldn’t be applied to us” is essentially what they are saying.

The fact their club has actually written to the SFA to ‘demand answers’ is just the cherry on top of this ridiculous meltdown.

Their level of entitlement is absolutley unhinged!

And that’s why clamping’s like the one below are so brilliant. This angry bear knows the rules fine well as he explained last year the reason why James Sands was awarded a foul in the exact same situation as Lagerbielke found himself in, yet, he plays dumb and pretends he doesn’t understand the rules since his team hasn’t benefited on this occasion.

Check out the interaction and replies below, screenshotted before he inevitably deletes his tweets out of embarrassment.

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