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Clyde SSB Pundits Blown Away As Celtic’s Alistair Johnston Batters ‘Rangers’

Despite not being at our best yesterday and having some shockingly bad individual performances from some of our players for one reason or another, Celtic still had a few players who were excellent on the day as we defeated ‘Rangers’ 3-2 at Celtic Park to go 12 points clear.

Kyogo, the scorer of our first two goals, and who was unlucky not to have another two on top of that, once again rose to the occasion in this fixture and was superb.

Jota also put in another good performance and scored yet again in this fixture, bagging our third goal of the game from a tight angle that only a quality player like him could make look so simple.

And at the back Carl Starfelt was an absolute rock, who won absolutely everything against Morelos.

But the Man of the Match yesterday, from both Celtic TV and Sky Sports was our Canadian right-back Alistair Johnston, who was just immense on the day, and pocketed Ryan Kent for the full game.

In the Clyde SSB studio at half time, pundits Keevins, Wilson and Dalziel were saying how impressed they were with him when they were speaking at the half time interval:

Dalziel: “He’s terrific Mark.”

Wilson: “He’s been brilliant. this afternoon”

Dalziel: “That must be a nightmare to play against.” I’ve always said show him down the line (Kent) and go and press him at the right time, and he’s taken everything on board this boy.”

Wilson: “He’s been great. Even in possession he’s been one of the calmer ones in possession, but, defensively, so quick across the ground, so aggressive as well. Doesn’t back off. He’s been a terrific signing because Juranovic is hard shoes to fill, but he certainly is (filling them) no problem at all.”

Keevins: “He’s a better defender than Juranovic ever was!”

Wilson: “I think he is. I would agree with that. I thought that would be hard to fill (Juranovic leaving) but, he’s certainly showed it in these big games as well. It’s about the big games, not just your run of the mill league games. When you can step up and play against Rangers and show the type of ability and aggression you have in these games, then you’ll do alright by the Celtic fans.”

Dalziel: He’s a player when the ball’s getting played up to you, as an opposition player, you’re looking to see where he is, cause he’s not frightened to go in and let you know he’s about. He’s a very, very good player.”

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