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It looks like my disturbing Bernard Higgins theory was correct

I wrote yesterday that I had a feeling something wasn’t right with this whole Bernard Higgins situation.

The silence from the board had gone on far too long. It was deafening. Their refusal to even have a meeting with fan groups on the issue was very strange.

I had a feeling that behind closed doors, Celtic had already made the decision to appoint the controversial figure as Celtic Security officer, and were keeping it quiet until things calmed down.

Well things haven’t calmed down, far from it. More protests have been planned and fan anger at the potential appointment has only increased.

However, through last night and into this morning, there have been strong rumours going around that Higgins has indeed signed a contract with Celtic for the Security Officer role. But, it also appears that the protests against his appointment have had an impact on him personally, and he is discussing with the Celtic board to get out of his contract and instead, take up a role at UEFA.

It would be music to the ears of the Celtic support if we get confirmation that Higgins will not be taking up his role, but if the rumours about his appointment turn out to be true, then some serious questions need to be asked of our board.

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