You are currently viewing “Delete This!”, Shut Your Mouth Fabrizio!” – Top Journalist Feels Wrath Of Celtic Fans

“Delete This!”, Shut Your Mouth Fabrizio!” – Top Journalist Feels Wrath Of Celtic Fans

Highly respected football journalist and transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano has angered Celtic fans on Twitter tonight.

He has tweeted that Josip Juranovic is “expected to leave Celtic FC this summer as many clubs are following him.”

He went on to add that there is particular interest from the EPL for the Croatian international after a terrific season for club and country.

Unlike Sevco fans, who enjoy seeing their best players sold and linked with big money moves away, Celtic fans are normal, and are clearly unhappy about the prospect of losing a genuine world class right back.

Yes, we have a player trading model and we do it pretty well, but Juranovic is just in the door and is a fan favourite and clearly a popular figure in the dressing room, to lose him after only one season would be gutting.

Fabrizio didn’t name any price, and honestly it isn’t something I’ve even thought about as I didn’t expect to potentially be losing Juranovic this summer, but it would have to be Tierney type money for Celtic to considering selling him in my opinion.

With Champions League money in the bank, a club offering ยฃ10m-ยฃ15m for JJ isn’t even going to tempt the club to sell in my opinion, and Ange certainly wouldn’t entertain that sort of offer.

Yes, as I’ve seen others mention, his tweet is pretty vague and has seemingly come out of the blue.

But we do have to take into consideration that this guy is knows what he’s talking about, he doesn’t just tweet any old b*llshit, so he must believe there is genuine interest in the player, and I’d assume his agent has leaked that to him.

Check out the tweet below and the reaction from unhappy Celtic fans at the news.

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