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Breaking! SPFL Spokesperson expects full stadiums for league return

In some fantastic news for football supporters and clubs up and down the country, well, unless you are one particular club and set of fans that prefer games to be played in empty stadiums, it looks like we will be back to having full crowds in stadiums when the league returns on 17th January.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Record, an SPFL Spokesperson is quoted as saying:  “It’s now almost universally accepted that while clearly more infectious, the Omicron variant is far less severe in its impact than previous waves, which is very welcome news.

Although Covid has shown time and again that you can’t take anything for granted, we’re therefore quietly optimistic that the clubs’ vote to bring forward the winter break to allow breathing space to assess the Omicron variant will prove to be the right one.

Everyone in Scottish football is hopeful that games will be able to resume on the 17th without restrictions on fans and we await further developments as we liaise with Scottish Government over the coming week or so.”

It looks like the majority of sensible SPFL clubs who voted for the winter break to come in early will be vindicated.

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