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Kenny Miller talks up Celtic star Kyogo for EPL move

Kenny Miller has been full of praise for Celtic’s star man Kyogo Furuhashi and his performances this season in the hoops.

Speaking today on GO Radio, Miller was asked by host Rob Maclean if Kyogo is the type of player that could end up in the English premier league.

“Absolutely, he could go down to England and be a real success”, said Miller

“Again, he’ll be another one, I doubt it will happen in January, but if he goes and gets, what he’s well on the way to now, 30 goals this season, as long as he stays fit, it might be one that teams have a look at and think, you know what, he’s one that could do us a job.”

Undoubtedly Kyogo has the talent to go down to the EPL and succeed, for me, he should only consider going down there if a top 4 club came in for him. Because that’s how good he is. But ideally, Celtic will manage to keep hold of him for years to come.

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  1. vino

    What would he know..he is a bluenose.

  2. Seppington

    “I doubt it will happen in January…”

    Aye but you’re praying it does, eh Kenny ya wee rat?
    Anything to weaken us and help your very very favourite club across the city…

  3. Jonny

    Once a hun always a hun

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