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‘Undisputed Titles’ Tweet From SPFL Account Sets Rival Fans Straight

Inside The SPFL on Twitter came out with an outstanding tweet after Celtic clinched the Scottish Premiership title last night.

He listed the ‘undisputed’ league title winners from all the major leagues in Europe, with Celtic topping the league on 52 undisputed titles won, the most in Scotland and the most out of all the top European leagues.

Of course this upset some Sevco supporters, who are obsessed with the number 55, despite them only winning one league trophy in their club’s history.

The old Rangers football club who were liquidated in 2012 and of course no longer exist, won 54 league titles, but these titles include victories from when they actually finished 2nd in the league, but still somehow were given a ‘shared title win’ and of course titles won through years of cheating and financial doping, which should have been stripped from them.

Celtic have won 52 titles, honestly, not shared and not through cheating or financial doping, and therefore have won the most undisputed titles in Scottish and European top flight history from the major leagues.

Check out the class tweet and table below.

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