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Reality Hits Ibrox Board As Sevilla Ready £6.6m Morelos Bid

No more are the £40m valuations and links to Barcelona cutting it as a means to hype up the interest in Sevco’s huffy Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos.

The SMSM have tried for years to generate a big fee for their favourite club, but no one has been daft enough to fall for the hype.

With Morelos now entering the final year of his contract, Sevco will have to seriously considering any bids for their striker north of the £7m mark.

There were reports a few days ago that Sevco are hoping to extend the Colombian ned’s deal, but considering he has already signed multiple extensions and never shuts up about wanting to leave Ibrox, it would be very unlikely that he would extend his deal any further.

He surely must understand by now that doing so would halt any chance of a move for the next few years.

No matter how highly he thinks of himself, the proof is in the pudding. Clubs aren’t willing to gamble big bucks on this guy.

The Daily Record are reporting tonight, by way of Spanish press, that Sevilla are ready to ‘test Sevco’s resolve with a 8m euro bid (£6.6m).

They won’t accept that. Because there will be plenty of clubs sniffing around to try and land him on the cheap, this won’t be the last bid for him this summer, and probably won’t be the last from Sevilla.

Sevco may try to hold on to him for the Champions League qualifiers, but who knows if he’ll even be fit to play by then after his injury, or if he is fit, will he risk himself playing in them?

Sevco will try to get the bidding as close to eight figures as possible, I think if they can get close to £10m for him, or even if they get £8m and report it as £10m, then the Ibrox board can probably live with that.

But make no mistake, the delusional dreams of generating £30m-£40m for this guy are well and truly over

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