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Barry Ferguson Forced To Eat His Words After Celtic Obliterate ‘Rangers’

I hope for wee daft Barry’s sake that he gets some sort of kick out of being humiliated, because this is what he should be feeling for the next few days after his ridiculous comments yesterday.

He wrote in his newspaper column that Van Bronckhorst has Big Ange ‘”sussed” and that Rangers have “all sorts of ways” to beat his Celtic side while Postecoglou only has plan A.

Ange hit back at the comments before the match, claiming his plan A is simply ‘to win’ and that is exactly what his Celtic side did today, and in emphatic fashion.

Celtic won 4-0 and it was comfortable for the hoops.

Ferguson says Celtic and Ange can only play one way? Well, since when has playing fast paced, relentless, aggressive, free flowing, free scoring football that wins titles ever been something that a football club should look to steer away from?

Maybe if Rangers had an actual identity in terms of the way they play football, instead of having plans A,B,C and D over the course of 90 mins like Ferguson referred to, then they would actually have a better chance of competing with Celtic and be more consistent in the league.

Win lose or draw, Celtic play the same way, every players knows their job, whereas that Rangers side looked utterly clueless today.

If Ferguson wants a sustained career as a pundit, there are only so many spaces available for blue tinted specs wearing clowns like Kris Boyd.

Just because you played for Rangers back in the day and now you get an opportunity to write a newspaper column, doesn’t mean you should write anti-Celtic drivel just to get extra staunch points.

Look at Stiliyan Petrov in the sky studio today for example, an ex Celtic player but Rangers fans actually respect the guy as a pundit because he’s fair and doesn’t just favour one side like Boyd does and he actually has good football analysis.

Celtic are the dominant force in Scottish football. We have the best players, the best style of football, the best coaching staff and the best manager.

Hopefully after that thumping his team took today at the hands of Celtic, wee Barry understands that now.

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