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Ibrox Protest Planned As Raging Bears Demand Beale Is Sacked!

It appears that Sunday’s 1-0 defeat to Celtic was the final straw for most Ibrox fans.

That is clear from the reaction we saw inside the stadium as fights broke out amongst supporters, the players and manager faced a torrent of verbal abuse and they were booed off the park both at half-time and full-time.

The aftermath of Sunday’s match on social media and fans forums has been just as strong, with a reported 89% of fans wanting Beale gone.

Rumours doing the rounds earlier suggested that the Ibrox board had spoke to Yokohama F Marinos boss Kevin Muscat about taking over the job after a prominent Australian football account tweeted out the information.

However, the club have since briefed the Scottish media that these reports are not true, which has only angered the bears even more as they were excited about the prospect on having Angeball 2.0 being played at Ibrox.

The briefing given to the SMSM from inside the club also stated that Michael Beale’s future had not even been discussed, which again has lead to further frustrations amongst supporters.

I must admit, if there is one manager I don’t want them to get, it is Muscat.

He’s someone I would have liked to take over from Ange before it was clear that Rodgers would be getting the job, but I always felt that he’d be potentially next in line for us once Rodgers departs.

However, with the group of serial losers currently at Ibrox and all the duds that Beale has brought in this summer, I don’t think he’d have the players at his disposal to play the brand of football he wants to play, so it would be something he’d slowly have to implement over a 12-18 month period.

I don’t believe he would get the time or the finances to do that as it looks like Beale has blown everything they had in the bank.

Check out the call to action below that has received 120k views on Twitter since being posted late last night.

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  1. Johnno

    Well that’s a shame for not being in Glasgow.
    Would have loved to attend with a banner stating
    “The moleman deserves a new improved contract”
    Anyone destroying that scum club and inflicting as much pain upon there zombies, can’t be all bad.
    Can even overlook the moleman been such a thick horrible eejit in appreciation for the wonderful job he is currently doing for the scum, and long may it continue

  2. John mcghee

    M. Beale the mole will not be sacked at liebrox because The Ranjurs 2012 haven’t got the money to pay beale off plus they couldn’t afford another manager to come in and start all over again so beale better start getting his players to win games our he will be getting his p45 he’s got 2 weeks to sort it out our the zombies will be chasing beale all around liebrox for his blood if he drops anymore points and celtic go further away from them.

  3. Dave

    How many turned up for the protest ?
    Probably not that many as they couldn’t get anywhere near the Stadium for the Morelos lookalike blocking the route.

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