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Time Up For Mikey Johnston At Celtic?

I have given more time and support for Mikey Johnston than a lot of Celtic supporters that wanted him gone a long time ago, but I just can’t do it anymore.

He was woeful today.

His decision making was atrocious.

When Raith Rovers had two players doubling up on him he would try to dribble past both and fail miserably.

When he was one of one with their full back he would turn back and pass the ball.

He slowed the game down every time he got the ball. under Ange it’s one or two touch passing or if you are on the wing and one on one then go at your man with speed and directness. Even when he chose to pass it, it was always after holding on to the ball for a bit longer than he should have. Instead of two touches he’d take five.

One slight glimmer of hope he had in my opinion is if we put him on the right wing in the second half and swapped him with Forrest who also had a dreadful game. He’s right footed and struggles to go on the outside of defenders when playing on the left wing, so most of the time he’ll cut inside and defenders know that’s what he’s going to try and get the block in his crosses or tackle him.

Another criticism of Johnston is his physical strength. He’s far too weak. I thought when he came back from injury he looked a bit stronger but it looks like he’s stopped going to the gym again because he just got nudged off the ball with ease.

There were rumours that Aberdeen were keen on taking him on loan in January but for whatever reason that never happened.

And now after his poor performance today and going off with what seems to be a serious injury, I can’t see him getting another chance in the team before the season ends.

I think he knows that too. It looked written all over his face when he went off that his time at Celtic was up.

And I believe that it is too.

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