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Park Ji-sung Admits Summer Move To Celtic “Perfect” For Cho

Jeonbuk director and former Manchester United player, Park Ji-sung, has admitted that his club would “more than welcome” a move for their star striker Cho Gue-sung in the summer, stating that a move to the Scottish champions would be “perfect” for the player.

Celtic of course signed fellow Korean striker Oh in the January window, but it is believed that Cho is still a target for Celtic and a deal could be struck in the summer window.

Speaking to Football Scotland, Park said:

 “Celtic participate in European competition which is a great experience for the player and Cho would get an opportunity to express himself by playing in the Scottish league.”

“It would be perfect for him to improve in the future and he could stay at Celtic or Rangers which would be totally fine, or he could move on to a bigger league.”

“Celtic or Rangers would be great for him to be his next step in his career. In the winter there were a few clubs interested but we didn’t make a deal, but this summer I am happy to sell him and I think he’ll be ready for his next step. First he needs to do well in our league and keep up his level, then prove it himself and I’m sure he can go to Europe in the summer.”

 “It wasn’t just one reason he didn’t leave in January, the transfer market is not a simple thing, it can be very complicated”

“Staying here for now means he has time to prepare, learn the language and then in the summer he can have a pre-season with a team which would be a benefit for him.”

“Keeping him could be good for our club because Cho scores lots of goals, he’s popular after the World Cup so it might have people excited about our league and our club, that’s a benefit, but it’s more time for him to prepare to go to Europe and succeed, not just going there to say he plays there.”

“I didn’t speak with Celtic directly, we got an offer from an agent (working on their behalf), so I don’t know about that. I spoke with Mainz directly, that’s the only difference. If he’d preferred something I’d think probably Europe but it’s up to him and his career. In the winter it’s not the main market so that would be one reason.”

“He didn’t prefer any club at that moment, Mainz was the rumour, but I’m not sure that’s true.”

Park went on to add:

“Celtic is a great club and many in Europe and Asia know that”

“They are the leading club in Scotland so probably they’ll join the Champions League or Europa League. The Scottish league I know there are some Japanese players there and there have been Korean players in Ki Sung Yeung and Cha Du Ri so I think it’s great to play in Scotland, great for Asian players.”

“Not going straight to the Premier League or one of the top five leagues, that could be better for him to adapt to the standard. There’s a path to succeed for Asian players, like Cho.”

“We don’t know yet which clubs will keep an interest in him in the summer, we’ll have to wait and see, but obviously if Celtic want to submit another offer for Cho in the summer they’re more than welcome.”

I’m not concerned with the fact that he talked about ‘Rangers’ as it’s likely both clubs were mentioned to Park in the question by the journalist he sat down with at Football Scotland, rather than Park choosing to include Rangers himself. This seems even clearer when you look at the last sentence where he only mentions about Celtic making another offer for him in the summer.

Plus, they are skint!

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