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Sevco Commentator Stirs Up Hate Towards Young Celtic Player – Club Must Act

RangersTV commentator Tom Miller came out with an outrageous comment while commentating on Celtic B’s Glasgow Cup semi-final match against Sevco B this afternoon.

As young Rocco Vata stepped up to take his penalty kick in the shootout, Miller said of Vata:

“He’s qualified to play international football for Scotland, Albania, Republic of Ireland – guess which he’s picked.”

It seems to me like Tom’s intention was to put that information out there so he can be targeted by the likes of Sevco supporters and indeed fans of all other SPFL teams, just like McGeady and McCarthy were when playing for Celtic and Hamilton as young players for making the same choice as Vata has.

He will no doubt brush it off as a nothing comment or merely stating fact, but it was the way he said it, the fact that he made clear that Scotland was a choice for him that he rejected by saying ‘guess which one he picked’ as a clear dig at the young lad, rather than either not mentioning it at all, or simply mentioning that he plays his international football for the Republic of Ireland, rather than mentioning that he didn’t pick Scotland.

In my view Tom knew exactly what he was doing here, I have already seen countless of Celtic fans message our SLO, John Paul Taylor, about the comments from Miller.

Hopefully Celtic speak out on this, but I won’t hold my breathe.

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